Galapagos May 2012

Sobellinni Page

Day 1 Arrival and Lava in Santiago

Day 2 Bartolome Island walking and Snorkle

Day 3 Isabella and Fernandia

Day 4 Isabella

Day 5 Floreana

Day 6 San Christobal

Day 7 Santa Cruz

Day 8 Quito

May 2012

Galapagos Map

San Christobal Island

Tortoise Breeding Station

Tortoise Breeding Station<

Tortoise Greeter

3 Year old Tortoise

13 Year old Tortoise

Protection against Rats

Nature Path--all wet


Doin what comes Naturely

Puerto Moreno

Puerto Moreno

Sea Lions Bench


Taking a Siesta

Let Sleeping Sealions Lie

Or make fun

Sea Lions in the Bushes too

Last Sunset

Towel Creatures


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