Galapagos May 2012

Sobellinni Page

Day 1 Arrival and Lava in Santiago

Day 2 Bartolome Island walking and Snorkle

Day 3 Isabella and Fernandia

Day 4 Isabella

Day 5 Floreana

Day 6 San Christobal

Day 7 Santa Cruz

Day 8 Quito

May 2012

Galapagos Map


On the beach

Famous Floreana Post Office

Notre Groupo

Flying Flamingo

Fancy Grasshopper

Looking at the Stingrays

Post Office Bay


Towel Person

Floreana Snorkle

School of little fish

Pencil Urchins

Little pink fish

Sea Lion playing with Sea Cucumber

Devils Crown

Devil's Crown

Nazca Boobies

Surgeon Fish

Pretty Fish

Recue Just in Time

Shark Attack

Flying Fish

White tipped Shark

Feeding Frenzy

Big Moth

Tonight's Entertainment

Towel Birds


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