Galapagos May 2012

Sobellinni Page

Day 1 Arrival and Lava in Santiago

Day 2 Bartolome Island walking and Snorkle

Day 3 Isabella and Fernandia

Day 4 Isabella

Day 5 Floreana

Day 6 San Christobal

Day 7 Santa Cruz

Day 8 Quito

May 2012

Galapagos Map

Visit to the Tip of Isabela - Equator Creator

Off to the Crater

Marine Iguana

Sea Turtle

Marine Iguana Swimming

Landing at Fernandina

River Crossing

Marine Iguanas Basking

Marine Iguana and Crabs

Cute Sea Lion Pup

Marine Iguanas Basking

Cute Sea Lion Pup

The Crowd Loves it

Flightless Cormorant


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