Galapagos May 2012

Sobellinni Page

Day 1 Arrival and Lava in Santiago

Day 2 Bartolome Island walking and Snorkle

Day 3 Isabella and Fernandia

Day 4 Isabella

Day 5 Floreana

Day 6 San Christobal

Day 7 Santa Cruz

Day 8 Quito

May 2012

Galapagos Map

Bartholomew Island Map

Blue Footed Booby

Off the Zodiac and on the Island

Brown Pelican

Towards the top of the hill

Wooden walkways

Lava Lizard

Lava Cactus

Ip the stairs

So what are they doing?

Pinacle Touching

Our Guide Remmy

Pinacle Touching

Galapagos Hawk on stairs

Galapagos Hawk

Bartholomew Beach and Snorkle

Colorfull Grouper

Parrot Fish


Parrot Fish

Sting Ray

Towel Creatures

Saniago Beach Walk

Darwin Finch

Darwin Flycatcher

Sea Turtles [dead]

Lava Lizard

Sally Lightfoot Crab

Oyster Catcher

On the Beach

Karaoke Entertainment


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