South America December 2009

South America December 2009

Day 5 Punta Arenas, Chile, Patagonia


Day 1 Landing in Santiago

Day 2 All aboard

Day 3 Cruising

Day 4 Amalia Glacier

Day 5 Punta Arenas Patagonia

Day 6 Ushuaia, Argentina Tierra Del Fuego

Day 7 Cape Horn

Day 8 Stanley, Falkland Islands

Day 9 At Sea

Day 10 At Sea

Day 11 Montevedeo Uruguay

Day 12 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day 13 at Sea

Day 14 at Sea

Day 15 Rio De Janeiro

Day 16 Rio De Janeiro

Day 17 Rio De Janeiro

December 2009

Ship at anchor

Punta Arenas

Rhea and Chicks

Nature lover on a Path

Nature lover and a Penguin

Magelanic Penguin at Burrow

Magelanic Penguins

Magelanic Penguins

Magelanic Penguins on the March

Caracara and Prey




Punta Arenas Central Square

Tweeking the toe

Many Vendors


Sotito's Lunch

Sotito's Lunch