Costa Rica Feb 07


Day 1 Family Visit

Day 2 Visit and Explore

Day 3 Poas and National Museum

Day 4 Canopy Tram and Cruise to Tortuguero

Day 5 Explore Tortuguero

Day 6 Banana Packing, Butterflies, Fortuna

Day 7 Canio Negro, Arenal

Day 8 Cloud Forest, Jaco

Day 9 Manuel Antonio

Day 10 Grecia, Coffee


Art's notes

Saturday, last day in Costa Rica, BYEBYE!

Carara Reserve, Coffee Plantation

This morning drive by the Carara Biological Reserve. Carara is an Indian word meaning “river of crocodiles.” This tropical bird and wildlife sanctuary is one of the world’s few nesting places for the scarlet macaw. Enjoy lunch. Afternoon visit to Sarchi, see the painted ox carts and colorful handicrafts. Next, see the metallic church of Grecia. Then, visit a coffee plantation. Pick a few beans when in season. Sample fresh Costa Rican coffee and learn about the history of the coffee bean. Return to San José. Farewell dinner

Fountain at Amapola Resort

so where is that bird book? Great Kiskadee? Boat-billed Flycatcher? Social Flycatcher?

Tarcoles River Crocodiles

Tarcoles River Crocks

More Crocks


Sarchi, Chaveri Store

Big Decorated Carts

Little Decorated Carts

Bargains galore

Leather Rockers

That Happy Guy Again

Happy Joanne

Caffee Brit Store

Our Tour Group

The San Diego Group

The Coffee Show

Back in San Jose, Costa Rica

Last chance to use the Phone Card

Use the Treadmill

The Last Supper

Together in Costa Rica

Last Meal

Cheers for Derek

Flying Home


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