Costa Rica Feb 07


Day 1 Family Visit

Day 2 Visit and Explore

Day 3 Poas and National Museum

Day 4 Canopy Tram and Cruise to Tortuguero

Day 5 Explore Tortuguero

Day 6 Banana Packing, Butterflies, Fortuna

Day 7 Canio Negro, Arenal

Day 8 Cloud Forest, Jaco

Day 9 Manuel Antonio

Day 10 Grecia, Coffee


Art's notes

Friday, Manuel Antonio Park

Jaco, Manuel Antonio

Visit Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica’s most beautiful park, this morning. Time to beachcomb or swim at the three pristine beaches, rated among the top ten in the world. Easy hiking trails wind through the jungle, home to one of the last natural habitats of the playful rare squirrel monkey. Lunch. Your afternoon is at leisure to enjoy your resort.

Temporary Bridge
Coast road is being upgraded and is under construction

Teak Plantation

Espadilla Beach

Map of Manuel Antonio

Little Stream, Enterprizing bridge

Entrance to Manuel Antonio

Illuminating Paths

Manzanillo Warning. This tree is so toxic that any touch can burn the skin.
Being near it for any length of time will cause a rash and your skin to swell up. FIND OUT HERE

Manzanillo Trees

Don't Feed the Monkeys, they can steal anything they want.

Manuel Antonio Beach
2 Toed Sloth Movie

A Lizard

Coati lunching on lefovers

Hermit Crabs

Finally a Swimming Beach!

We finally find each other

Monkey Shines

Investigations and explorations, with lots of cameras

Cute Capuchin

Alphonce and Gaston

Oil Palm Plantation

Saturday, Last Day BOO HOO!

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