Costa Rica Feb 07



Day 1 Family Visit

Day 2 Visit and Explore

Day 3 Poas and National Museum

Day 4 Canopy Tram and Cruise to Tortuguero

Day 5 Explore Tortuguero

Day 6 Banana Packing, Butterflies, Fortuna

Day 7 Canio Negro, Arenal

Day 8 Cloud Forest, Jaco

Day 9 Manuel Antonio

Day 10 Grecia, Coffee


Art's notes

Sunday, Day 3 Rainforest Aerial Tram

Scenic morning drive through Braulio Carrillo Park. Look for cascading waterfalls. Then, a thrilling adventure into the heart of the rainforest. Glide through the jungle canopy on the world famous rainforest aerial tram, rated one of Costa Rica’s top tourist attractions. Next, with a naturalist guide, enjoy a short rainforest hike on level terrain. Enjoy lunch. Visit a butterfly garden. Then, cruise through rivers and canals to the 47,000 acre Tortuguero National Park. Tortuguero is home to more than 300 species of birds. Look for toucans, parrots, kingfishers and the rare green macaw. Enjoy a two night stay at your lodge. After dinner in Tortuguero, a naturalist talks about the rainforest

Rainforest Nature Tour

Braulio Carrillo Park.

Muddy stream coming off slopes of Barva Volcano

Silicon Valley meets at aerial tram.

Denizens of Cupertino

3 Toed Sloth

Eyelash Viper

Alligator Plant

Monkey Vine

Golden Orb Weaver

Leaf Cutter Ant with Cut leaf

Aerial Tram

Aerial Tram

Selva Tropical Lunch and Butterly Garden

Lunch at Selva Tropical, with it's own Butterfly Garden

Famous Blue Morpho Butterfly

Hot Lips Flower

Happy Couple

Gravel Road and Boat trip to Tortuguero

Road to Tortuguero

Canio Blanco Resturant and Dock

Getting on the Boat

Boat Ride

Longhorn Beetle

Great White Egret


Monday, Tortuguero

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