Costa Rica Feb 07



Day 1 Family Visit

Day 2 Visit and Explore

Day 3 Poas and National Museum

Day 4 Canopy Tram and Cruise to Tortuguero

Day 5 Explore Tortuguero

Day 6 Banana Packing, Butterflies, Fortuna

Day 7 Canio Negro, Arenal

Day 8 Cloud Forest, Jaco

Day 9 Manuel Antonio

Day 10 Grecia, Coffee


Art's notes

Saturday, Poas Volcano, Museum of Archaeology

Day 2 – Poás Volcano, San José City Tour

After breakfast, see the statue of the drummer boy, Costa Rica’s hero. Next, weather permitting, visit Poas Volcano, dormant since 1991. You can safely view this dramatic milewide crater from an overlook. Enjoy lunch. Next, see San José’s Plaza de la Cultura, Central Park and the National Theatre. Visit the National Museum. Enjoy dinner. BLD

View of Central Valley

Epiphytes grow in every possible niche

No Food Sign

paved Path to Volcano

Poas Crater

Art was there

and so was Joanne

Real sulfur fumes

Walk to Laguna Botos

Laguna Botos View

a popular place.

nature walk

Crowd all left.


Squirrel invites himself for lunch

San Jose Central Square

National Cathedral.

National Museum with Rock Ball

In the 1930's, the United Fruit Company was excavating the fertile, yet remote, farmlands of Costa Rica, near the Diquis Valley on the Pacific Ocean coast. United Fruit is the major importer of bananas and they became interested in this region of Costa Rica because of a blight that had killed many banana trees on the Caribbean coast. As workers dug and prepared the land for cultivation, they discovered many large stone spheres buried and impaled in the tropical soil.

The spheres were previously unknown to the local inhabitants and they could offer no explanation of who made them or how old they were. Plantation workers bulldozed them and largely ignored them until rumors started spreading that they may contain gold or precious jewels. Many balls were drilled or cracked open with dynamite, only to reveal that they were composed of solid rock.

Conquistador Diorama, with strange character

Sides of Museum, which was a fort
bullet holes left from civil war of 1948

Enjoying Costa Rican Drinks

To Sunday's Romp through the rain Forest

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