IsraelTrip 2006



Day 1 Old Tel Aviv and Yafo

Day 2 Caesaria, Haifa and Acco

Day 3 Kineret Dan Golan Sfat

Day 4 Mt Gilboa Beit Alpha and Jerusalem

Day 5 Jerusalem and Old City

Day 6 Hartman Institute Yad Vashem Mt Herzl

Day 7 Qumran Ein Gedi Dead Sea

Day 8 Masada Wilderness Tabernacle

Day 9 Davidson Center Burnt House and Eclipse

Day 10 Supreme court, Ben Yahuda, Mini Israel


Chaim's notes

Wednesday, Davidson Center Burnt House and Eclipse

Davidson Center Excavations

Davidson Center , Digging down to 31 BCE and before

We are a serious bunch

Archaeology, a work in progress

What does the tree think of this?

The Robinson arch, which used to be just above the rubble layer, a remnant of a passage to the Temple mount. Robinson's Arch is named after the discoverer who noted the significance of the arch. A staircase built by Herod led up from the Tyropoeon Valley (just west of the Ophel - City of David) to this arch and gate to the temple mount.

The floor level of the Herodian Concouse next to the Temple Mount.Notice the cave in where the stones hurled by the Romans crashed to the floor. Notice the niches on the left where the sellers of shekels and sacraficial animals set up shop.

Corner of the Temple Mount, Heroidan blocks had fluting on the edges of the huge stones

A section of the parapet around the top of the temple mount. From this place the rams horn would sound the signal that Shabbat was beginning. In modern day Israel there are sirens that announce the beginning and end of Shabbat

A Merchants Niche

Steps leading up to the south entrance

The Burnt House

The Burnt House, the house of the Katros priestly family which was mentioned in the Talmud. The house was destroyed in 70AD when Jerusalem fell to the Romans

Basement of the Burnt House, a typical 21st century Multimedia presentation given here.

Lunch and Eclipse

Bagels in Jerusalem

Observing the Eclipse

Felafel Time

Felafel and Eclipse

Laying Tephilin during an Eclipse

Clouds provide a convenient screen to observe the Eclipse

Don't look at the sun?

Pray for Peace at the Wall

Women are separated

But not completely

Flag waving

Frendly Israeli Soldiers

Clouds over Jerusalem

Western Wall Tunnel

Tunnels and arches

Arches next to Wall

Braces under Arab Quarter

Herodian Cistern

Via Dolorosa (or is it Delicious)

Carrying a Cross down the Via Dolorosa

Glad that crowd is out of the way

Back in Christian Quarter

The Internet meets medieval times


Meat and Fish

And Candy

Montefiore Windmill

The Separation Wall

Thursday, Supreme court, Ben Yehuda, Mini Israel, SHALOM L'HITRAOT

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