IsraelTrip 2006



Day 1 Old Tel Aviv and Yafo

Day 2 Caesaria, Haifa and Acco

Day 3 Kineret Dan Golan Sfat

Day 4 Mt Gilboa Beit Alpha and Jerusalem

Day 5 Jerusalem and Old City

Day 6 Hartman Institute Yad Vashem Mt Herzl

Day 7 Qumran Ein Gedi Dead Sea

Day 8 Masada Wilderness Tabernacle

Day 9 Davidson Center Burnt House and Eclipse

Day 10 Supreme court, Ben Yahuda, Mini Israel


Chaim's notes

Saturday, Jerusalem Old City

Saturday had two walking tours of the Old City

Parking for the Jaffa Gate

I remember this place from 1967

David's Tower (used as a Museum)

Armenian Quarter

Tourist Merchandise

Ruins by South side of Temple Mount

View of Western Wall

Our Tour Guides

AISH Ha'Torah building

Grazing Goats by south side of old city, overlooking Hinnom Valley

What a hike back to the hotel. Jerusalemites must be in good shape

Back to the Jaffa gate. This time with rabinical guides

Security Checks

Mount Zion (it's too built up with buildings to see the mount)

Reciting the 23rd Psalm in Mount Zion

Davids Tomb (Before it suddenly became a Synagogue in 2006, requiring a Mechita preventing you from seeing the entire cloth cover) )

Kids Playing in Old Jerusalem

Walking the wall

How did our cat get to Jerusalem?

Western Wall overlook

Up on the roof

The Sun catches the Dome of the Rock

Sunday, Yad Vashem, Mount Hertzl

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