IsraelTrip 2006



Day 1 Old Tel Aviv and Yafo

Day 2 Caesaria, Haifa and Acco

Day 3 Kineret Dan Golan Sfat

Day 4 Mt Gilboa Beit Alpha and Jerusalem

Day 5 Jerusalem and Old City

Day 6 Hartman Institute Yad Vashem Mt Herzl

Day 7 Qumran Ein Gedi Dead Sea

Day 8 Masada Wilderness Tabernacle

Day 9 Davidson Center Burnt House and Eclipse

Day 10 Supreme court, Ben Yahuda, Mini Israel


Chaim's notes

Friday, Mt Gilboa, Jordan Valley, Jerusalem

Traveling to Jerusalem by the Jordan Valley

Morning on the Kineret

Prayer at tomb of Rachel, Songwriter

View of Eastern Jezreel Valley from Mt Gilboa

View of Eastern Jezreel Valley from Mt Gilboa

Happy Couple

Mount Gilboa Flowers

Synagogue at Beit Alpha

The ancient synagogue of Beit Alpha is located in the Beit She'an Valley, in the north-east of the country. The nearby ruins of Khirbet Beit Ilfa preserve the ancient name.

The mosaic floor of the synagogue was discovered in 1929, when members of Kibbutz Beit Alpha dug irrigation channels for their fields. Excavations were carried out the same year, exposing mosaics preserved intact for almost 1,500 years. Later excavations, in the early 1960s, exposed remains of some houses, indicating that the synagogue had stood in a Jewish village of the Byzantine period (5th-6th centuries).
More on Jewish use of the Zoadiac Signs

Pet Clinic at Beit Alpha

Enjoying Falafel in Jordan River valley

Up from the Jordan Valley passing Judean Hills

and Arab Villages

Through a tunnel and we are in Jerusalem

View from Mount Scopus

Saturday, Jerusalem Old City

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