IsraelTrip 2006



Day 1 Old Tel Aviv and Yafo

Day 2 Caesaria, Haifa and Acco

Day 3 Kineret Dan Golan Sfat

Day 4 Mt Gilboa Beit Alpha and Jerusalem

Day 5 Jerusalem and Old City

Day 6 Hartman Institute Yad Vashem Mt Herzl

Day 7 Qumran Ein Gedi Dead Sea

Day 8 Masada Wilderness Tabernacle

Day 9 Davidson Center Burnt House and Eclipse

Day 10 Supreme court, Ben Yahuda, Mini Israel


Chaim's notes

Wednesday, Caesaria, Haifa and Acco

Caesaria Crusader Walls

Loving Couple

Yes there is a Mediterranean

The Water of it all

Old Bosian Village


New Old Ampitheatre

Gathering for a Song

Haifa Harbor

Bahai Gardens

Crusader Fort at Acco

Jaffar's Bath House

Thursday on the Heights

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