IsraelTrip 2006



Day 1 Old Tel Aviv and Yafo

Day 2 Caesaria, Haifa and Acco

Day 3 Kineret Dan Golan Sfat

Day 4 Mt Gilboa Beit Alpha and Jerusalem

Day 5 Jerusalem and Old City

Day 6 Hartman Institute Yad Vashem Mt Herzl

Day 7 Qumran Ein Gedi Dead Sea

Day 8 Masada Wilderness Tabernacle

Day 9 Davidson Center Burnt House and Eclipse

Day 10 Supreme court, Ben Yahuda, Mini Israel


Chaim's notes

Thursday, Supreme court, Ben Yehuda, Mini Israel, BYEBYE!

Thursday, Supreme court

Home of the Supremes

Hall next to Courtrooms

a small courtroom

Hall of Arches

Hadassah Hospital Chapel with the Chagal Windows!

The entrance to the Hadassah Synagogue with the Chagall windows.

3 windows

3 more windows

another 3 windows

still more 3 windows

Chagall windows from the outside

Pretty Pool

Ben Yehuda Street

That Happy Couple again

Walking the Walk

Isreal's Best Backpacks

A religious Demonstrator

Now what does that say?

Meeting the sales people, life stories are always interesting

She loves icecream

Last Bus Trip

The Davidka, the Mortar that won the north, its noise was worse than its bite.

Leaving Jerusalem

New highway construction

Towns on every hill top, on lower right is abandoned Arab village, typical of the ones that prevented the resupply of Jerusalem in the 1948 war of independance

Fort of Latrun, this was the edge of the pre-1967 west bank green line. From this Fort the skyline of Tel Aviv was visible. This British fort was handed over to the Arabs and then fell into Jordanian hands. It controlled the Tel Aviv Jerusalem road which was effectively cutoff at this point.

Mini Israel with Gabby

She's a Giant as tall as a tall building


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